Science behind PRP to erase wrinkles and improve scars!

Happy New Year!!

The Vampire facial and facelift with PRP…is it science or hype?

Science actual proves that PRP improves wrinkles and scars. Histologic evidence shows new collagen formation in skin that allows the skin to have reduced wrinkles and healthier glow even after a single application. Below is just one of many clinical studies that show that PRP is the nonsurgical facelift…The Vampire Facelift (R)

Studies also show that microneedling along with PRP (The Vampire Facial (R)) also improves wrinkles for a more youthful look for those that have not lost much volume in their facial structures.

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 Click here to read a summary of the clinical study

Kind Regards,

Marisol Arcila (Moon), MD
NuMoon Regenerative Medicine
(904) 580-6PRP


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