The Real Fountain of Youth? PRP for your face and body!

Have we discovered the real fountain of youth? PRP for your face and body!

The cat is out of the bag! Platelet rich plasma has been called the fountain of youth that lies within our own blood. PRP contains significant growth factors that activate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. (To learn more about PRP-visit PRP FAQ.) With more and more patients seeking non surgical treatments, PRP for the face (Vampire Facelift ®  and Vampire Facial ®), scars, hair regrowth and joint pain along with many other applications has proven to have long lasting results without the downtime and need to go under the knife.

The Vampire Facelift ® which uses Juvederm (TM) to help where there is loss of volume followed by injections of PRP to the face allows for a more natural younger look to restore volume without the need for surgery.  The Vampire Facial ® which uses micro needling with PRP applied to the face improves skin tone, wrinkles, elasticity and texture erasing years from your face.

For many years, PRP has been used safely in orthopedics, dentistry and plastic surgery to improve healing outcomes but more recently PRP has been recognized as safe and natural treatments for a variety of other medical conditions. Not only does it help your skin and face by eliminating wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. PRP is also used to restore hair loss in men and women, contour the breast/cleavage line as well as rejuvenate and enhance men and women’s sexual function with the P-shot ® and O-shot ®, respectively. Who wouldn’t want that!!! (Read more about the O-shot ®   here or the P-shot ®  here.)

It can also cure women’s stress urinary incontinence!

There have also been significantly positive outcomes in men and women who suffer from lichen sclerosis (a painful skin condition) and peyronie’s disease (plaques along the side of penis that can cause painful erections).

So many women (And men!) are flocking to have their blood drawn so that they too can experience the fountain of youth for themselves. Don’t be left out in the (c)old!

NuMoon Regenerative Medicine is proud to offer these cutting edge medical treatments in their Ponte Vedra Beach Office. Dr. Arcila Moon is the first and only female physician in the area trained to perform the official vampire treatments for the face (Vampire Facelift ® and Vampire Facial ®)  along with the O-shot ®  and P-shot ®. Dr. Arcila Moon also has a background in Sports Medicine and is adept at treating knee and shoulder injuries with PRP and prolotherapy.

Call or text us at (904) 580-6777 so we can help you discover your fountain of youth!




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