P-Shot ®



What is the Priapus Shot®?

It’s a simple, non-surgical, and safe procedure that utilizes growth factors that are isolated from your own blood called PRP (Platelet-rich-Plasma) to treat erectile dysfunction and increase blood flow, improve firmness and sensation and even stimulate possible length and girth. To read morea about PRP, click here. Using only FDA-approved systems, your blood is drawn and platelets are separated and the concentrated growth factors are injected into several areas of the penis to increase blood flow and sexual response. (Don’t worry the area is numbed with topical anesthetic to make it virtually pain free.) A penis pump is used immediately after the procedure to distribute the PRP, and is recommended for a minimum of 6 weeks twice a day post procedure to optimize outcomes. At times for severe cases, 2-3 treatments may be needed for optimal outcomes and should be spaced at least 6 weeks apart however most patients, notice significant improvements after the first treatment.

What are common causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Causes of erectile dysfunction may be age related, psychological, social or medical. Over half of adult males suffer from some form of ED in the form of decreased libido or decreased blood flow for many different reasons like enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, post surgery effects, drug side effects or vascular diseases.

Other causes of Erectile Dysfunction can be Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of the penis from scar tissue) and/or Lichen Sclerosus.

With ED, can come self-esteem and anxiety issues leading to emotional stress and strain on relationships and quality of life of both men and women.

If you have not yet had a full workup by your primary care physician and/or urologist, Dr. Arcila Moon may recommend that evaluation first prior to proceeding with the P-Shot® since this may be initial signs of blood flow issues commonly associated with heart disease, diabetes, vascular disease and stroke.

What can I expect from The Priapus Shot®?

Results may vary for each individual, however most men report:

-Increased sensation

-Increased circulation and blood flow

-Increased strength of erection and firmness

-Increased sexual ability and stamina

-Possible increased length and girth

-Possible improvement in urinary incontinence and prostate issues

-Can make other therapies work much better (if you still need Cialis or Viagra, it may work better for you)

-Straightening of the penis

-Reduce and remove plaque build up from Peyronie’s Disease

-Reduce symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus

Does the Priapus-Shot® hurt?

The Priapus-Shot® is tolerated well with little to no pain.  A topical numbing medication with benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine is applied to the penis as well as a lidocaine block is done prior to the procedure which significantly reduces any discomfort. You may feel an initial slight pinch or warmth sensation with the lidocaine block but overall there is minimal to no pain. You can immediately resume normal physical exercise and sexual activity.

When will I see results?

For sexual health, some men see an immediate increase in sexual function, desire and pleasure however typically it may take up to 8-12 weeks to notice the biggest difference.

Results can typically last an average of 1-3 years with one treatment. Occasionally patients may need a second injection treatment within 6 to 12 months of initial treatment.

For lichen sclerosus or Peyronie’s disease more than one treatment may be needed to have greatest relief however many men have noticed significant relief in shape and function after the first treatment.

Is The Priapus-Shot ® Safe?

Absolutely! PRP (Platelet-rich-Plasma) is natural and comes from your own blood allowing growth factors to rejuvenate and restore tissue and blood vessels and has no chance of foreign body reaction and therefore has no real risk of side effects or complications. Since the start of its use of PRP, there has never been a documented complication of this procedure in any medical literature.

You should have had a normal urological exam within the last year.

Who can perform The Priapus-Shot ®?

This procedure can only be performed by highly experienced injectors who have successfully completed the training and certification process of The P-Shot ® Procedure by creator, Dr. Charles Runels and are listed as a trusted provider on the official P-Shot website (www.priapusshot.com).

Dr. Arcila Moon is also fellowship trained in interventional pain management and has performed thousands of injections in regards to pain management with over 8 years of experience in this field. She is highly experienced in injection techniques allowing for minimal discomfort and maximum results.

Dr. Arcila Moon was specifically trained by the inventor of The Priapus-Shot ®, Dr. Charles Runels and is a certified and listed as an official provider of The Priapus-Shot ® . She also is certified and trained in performing other Vampire PRP treatments like The O-Shot ®, The Vampire Facial ®, The Vampire Facelift ® and The Vampire Breast Lift ®, Scar treatments and Vampire Hair Regrowth® .

Dr. Arcila Moon only uses FDA-approved equipment to obtain your PRP allowing for the highest quality and concentration of platelets and successful results.

Contact Dr. Arcila Moon directly to see if this life changing treatment is for you or to schedule your consultation and treatment session at (904) 580-6PRP (6777)

Who should NOT get The Priapus-Shot ®?

If you have low Hemoglobin

If you have low Platelets

Smokers-results may not be as successful

Active infection

Active cancer

Also this procedure is cautioned in patients with medical diagnosis such as platelet dysfunction syndromes, thrombocytopenias, hypofibrinogenaemia, hemodynamic instability, sepsis, acute and chronic Infections, chronic liver disease, anti-coagulation therapy, chronic skin diseases or cancer, metabolic and systemic disorders.

Medications to avoid before your procedure

You should not have a PRP injection if you have used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID’s – examples include Ibuprofen (Advil), Diclofenac (Voltaren), Meloxicam (Mobic), etc in the 7-10 days leading up to your appointment. If you are considering having this injection, please switch to another painkiller such as paracetamol or tylenol for other options, check with your local doctor.

What is the cost?

Cost: $1900

Is this covered by insurance?

No. This is an elective procedure and is not yet covered by insurance. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and Advance Care.  Interested in applying for financing? Visit Advancecarecard.com and apply online for health financing. For other financing options, contact our office at (904) 580-6PRP (6777).