Vampire Scar Treatment ®

What is the Vampire Scar Treatment® ?

Similar to how the Vampire Facial® and Facelift® works, Vampire Scar Treatment®  uses PRP injected or topically placed over the scar to be treated. Depending on the treatment plan discussed by Dr. Arcila Moon, scar treatment can be done via micro needling and applying PRP topically similarly to the Vampire Facial (Read more about the Vampire Facial®  by clicking here.) or for more severe scars injection of PRP around and under the intended treatment area may be recommended which is similar to the Vampire Facelift (Read more about the Vampire Facelift®  by clicking here.)

What is the cost for the Vampire Scar Treatment® ?

Depending on the the extent and severity of scarring, cost will vary but starts at $900 depending on the amount of area to be treated. Dr. Arcila Moon will discuss at your consultation the treatment plan.

Is this covered by insurance?

No. This is an elective procedure and is not yet covered by insurance. We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and Advance Care.  Interested in applying for financing? Visit and apply online for health financing. For other financing options, contact our office at (904) 580-6PRP (6777).

How do I become a patient of NuMoon Regenerative Medicine?

If you are ready to proceed, you can call the number below to schedule your appointment and procedure.

If you have read the above material and links and still have questions regarding whether you would be a good candidate for the Vampire Scar Treatment®, please call us.

When you call NuMoon Regenerative Medicine, you will speak directly with Dr. Arcila Moon to schedule your appointment and to answer any questions you may beforehand. If you also wish to proceed with the procedure at the time of your consultation you will need to inform the doctor when you schedule your consultation to make sure enough time is reserved. Dr. Arcila Moon addresses all inquiries and concerns right over the phone. Don’t wait to finally get the treatment and results you have been looking for. Call NuMoon Regenerative Medicine today!  (904) 580-6PRP (6777).